Foto Frame – Smart Photo Frame

A simple photo frame and slideshow app for your tablets and phones to give them a new life.

With your tablet while plugged in, and maybe mounted on a stand or fixed on the door of the fridge, you can enjoy your photo collection without user interaction just like a printed photo on the wall.

Still works from Android KitKat (4.4).

With a simplistic yet effective UI all main functions are at hand. No complicated menu diving.

Some useful functions which help to manage your albums on the fly with no effort.

Main functions:

  • Local, SMB(v1), Google photos(premium)(coming soon…), as sources
  • Rotating: permanent(premium) or temporary
  • Deleting
  • Hiding(premium)
  • Voting
  • Photo order: shuffle, random, name, date
  • Favorite weighted injection(premium)

Join for testing here.
Download public release here.


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