Practice chanter modification


ever wanted to practice birl easily?


I bought a Hardy practice chanter last year and i am very satisfied with it. It plays well and it is quite accurate with themselves.

After several lessons i arrived to the birl. I realized quite at the beginning that it is very difficult
for me because of stretching the right middle finger (C-finger). If i played the birl
repeatedly my C finger started slowly to slide towards B hole and leaked that hole.

Since i like to modding anyway after a while i came across to modify my chanter too,
to see if it helps or not.

So i made it with epoxy putty. I cleaned the chanter (polypenco) with pure petrol and then
applied a little piece of epoxy and formed to a barrier next to the hole.
After a night i played a while for testing the comfortability and cam across to file away a bit.

Now it works for me. It is a bit strange feeling for my C and D fingers to staying so tight together as

it should and this feeling caused a huge deconcentration during the first hours but it
works now better.

Here some pictures:











Did you also had problems with birl?

Please share your toughts here.

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