Making practice chanter reed quiet

Practice chanter too loud?

I found a good material to make any practice chanter reed quiet.
With this method you can practice in any room without disturbing your family
members or hotel neighbours.

The key part is the latex foam material which is used for general damping
purposes like camera dampening in quadrocopters.

You can see on the below pictures what to do. Please note that a little tension should be
applied. You can also adjust the volume by sliding the foam downwards or upwards.

View from top
View from top
Side view
Side view
Side view
Side view






You can eventually notice a slight change in pitch but the relative tuning remains as it was before.

I hope you can using it for your convenience.


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2 thoughts to “Making practice chanter reed quiet”

  1. Good idea! I’ll have to try some. I’m always looking for a quiet pc reed to keep the family happy. Is the reed pictured a Q? I’ve heard they’re somewhat quiet as is. Thoughts?

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